Dr. Natalie L. Winters  

    Licensed Psychologist                                    Motivational Speaker

Commitment to patient care


Doctor Natalie L. Winters



Dr. Natalie L Winters, Ph.D., Crt. Hypno., TEP, is a licensed psychologist, 
certified psychodramatist, certified hypnotherapist, motivational speaker, lecturer and 
workshop presenter, musical play writer and author of 
TOOLS FOR HAPPINESS : an easy guide to a happier life

Dr. Winters was awarded Patient Choice Psychologist of the year, Cary, 2016

She is the recipient of the American Society for Group Psychotherapy and 
Psychodrama (ASGPP) 2010 honored J.L. Moreno Lifetime Achievement
 Award, the 2003 Innovators Award and the 2007 Professional Service Award.

In 2003 she was nominated the the Humanitarian Award given  by the 
Tampa Bay Research Institute and in 2004 was the recipient of a 
Women-in-tune Award.

Dr. Winters received her doctorate from Rutgers University. 
She was in private practice in NJ for twelve  years before moving to 
Tampa Florida where she resided and practiced for thirteen years. 
She is former adjunct professor for Nova Southeastern University 
where she taught in the graduate department of 
psychology for eight years.

She was creator and host of her own cable television program in 
Princeton, NJ, " Psychology in Action," and has appeared on radio 
and television shows talk and
shows in NJ and FL.

Public speaker
Dr. Winters is an inspirational speaker on any topic that concerns mental health.
She has addressed  groups  in NYC, NJ, and Fl.
College faculty, middle school faculty, student bodies preparing for college, and Mental health professionals, among others.

Dr. Winters makes her home  in Cary, NC now where she 
continues in private practice and runs a psychodrama training group.



"I believe in the dignity and integrity of every individual. 

I am committed  to helping each person evolve to their highest potential

through commitment, caring, experience and expertise."

Private Payment per session 
It keeps costs down and allows for earlier appoints


To schedule an appointment contact: Dr. Natalie Winters at:   
or email,  

Hours by appointment.
Payment is due per session.  
Fee range - $150-175
50-75 minute sessions

Psychodrama, Sociometry, Group Therapy Training
$140 for training group, 2 sessions per month

Apex, NC

Dr. Natalie L. Winters

 Helping you grow into you best self


All-Day training

This is a wonderful, stimulating, and growth-oriented day-long

training by a master therapist and master teacher of Moreno’s

 system of the psychology of relationships

She teaches the  principles and experiences that underpin the 

entire philosophy

Dr. Don Adams, psychologist, 3-C Counseling, Cary, N




Her Treatment

"'Because of Natalie's expertise the quality of my life has improved

in every way. I know that because of Natalie, I'm a healthier wife, mother,

daughter, sister, and experience much more happiness. I've learned to 

attract the goodness and happiness I want.  I know others have had similar

results ' she is an absolute gift to all.'
"Quality of Life Improves in Every Way"

                    Deborah Clements, M.S. - Pinellas Pa

Personal Power-Self Confidence

'I like my new feelings of personal power and self-confidence.

When I started out with Natalie's work I had two graduate

degrees and was stable in a job setting, but I didn't feel good
about myself or my abilities. 

 I now believe in myself and my abilities to relate to people. 
I can look people in the eye and know that I am equal

 and worthy. There is no way to tell you what that is worth

Now that is  happiness!                                                               

                 - Douglas Bonar, M.S.- St. Petersburg, Florida


     "From no self-esteem to peace with myself"

I was a person who felt sorry for herself and had no idea of who I really was. In my  time with Dr. Winters I learned to understand myvalue as a person and the skills I had to contribute to society. I will alwaysbe grateful for the wonderfully caring way Dr. Winters helped me tofind my self worth, see who I am so that I could have such good relationships in my family and in my work!

Sandy Kret,   RN - ManalapanNew Jersey


       "From boredom to fulfillment"

I was working at a boring, unfulfilling job.  I felt my soul was dying but I was terrified of making a career change at age 55!  Natalie's approach got me to envision a future of fearlessness  and enroll in graduate school.
I finally feel happy, I am doing work that nourishes my soul, incorporating the rules and tools Natalie has given me.'                  
- Judy Becker, M.S.  ' Largo, Florida



   Private Practice
519 Tomkins Loop, Cary, NC

    Bi-monthly Psychodrama training group Apex, NC
N. Salem St.


Tschedule an appointment contact: Dr. Natalie Winters at:  
 or email,  

Hours by appointment.
Payment is due per session.  
Fee range - $140- $175 per individual 
60-75 minute sessions
$140 for training group, 2 sessions per month

Dr. Natalie L. Winters

 Helping you grow into you best self

                                                                                                                                                                   AFFIRMATIONS HELP  YOU GROW                                                                 







































































































































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