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  PSYCHODRAMA  is a theurapeutic and educational practice that uses methods of enactment, sociometry, group dynamics, role theory and social systems theory.  Patients/clients enact their complex instead of only talking about them.  All action takes place in the here and now.  Through action methods, psychodrama allows patients/clients to come to resolution.  This powerful approach is tailored to those who seek to reach a higher level of consciousness and greater peace of mind.

The basic difference between this form of therapy and the primarily verbal modalities is that psychodrama both encourages and provides a direct vehicle through which the individual actually re-experiences the central issues of his or her life.  The person chosen as  protagonist is again in the midst of his or her emotional reality as if for the first time.

It is here that the true power of psychodrama lies.   The realizations that can take place in the psyhodramatic experience can be so immediate, so vivid, so intense as to make a positive lasting impact.  A crucial dimension of the experience is that as the psychodramas are enacted, the group is evolving a life of its own.  The intimacy and trust which develop, in turn provide a secure context in which further explorations of personal feelings are possible.

Goals of Psychodrama:

*  To increase spontaneity and creativity.
*  To learn to live in the moment, the here and now.
*  To see life from another's perspective through role reversal

               Builds community and self-awareness
               aids in solving problems 
               Provides role training to increase social skills, improve job
                   performance and meet personal and professional goals
               Helps individuals express feelings and practice new ways to change
                 unsatisfying situations - leading to a sense of freedom and personal

 Dr. Winters  offers a variety of workshops and educational programs in psychodrama including:

     Training for personal and professional development.
     Educational psychodrama training programs for professionals at all levels.
     On-site training for mental health agencies, educational organizations and

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